About Debra

I facilitate/coach, write, do speaking engagements, facilitate workshops, consult, provide training for mental health professionals and provide psychotherapy.  I began my career in the mental health field in 1977.  I have worked in locked psychiatric settings, crisis centers, juvenile justice, social services, mental health, and private practice.  About ten years into my career I began noticing that traditional methods for treatment were not providing change for a significant number of people.


I began a journey of asking questions.  What would offer change?  What prevented change from occurring?  What else is

available or could be created that would give people the relief they were looking for?  I began exploring alternative methods of treatment, some of which became clinically validated in later years.  I studied body-centered psychotherapies, various spiritual traditions, and a variety of energetic modalities.


I explore with my clients what works for them to design individualized plans.  This has meant stepping out of the traditional prescribed-treatment box and into a more fluid way of working.  I prefer to work as a facilitator of change since the traditional psychotherapy box limits what is possible for change.  Especially if insurance is used.


I have been on Faculty with the EMDR Institute as a Facilitator since 1996.  I have provided critical incident services and crisis intervention for emergency service personnel and businesses.  I have written a number of training programs for mental health practitioners, teachers, emergency service personnel, and the general public.  I have also been a facilitator for a number of organizations.


I live and work in Bellevue, WA, USA.  I write, consult, teach and see clients both as a facilitator/coach and in psychotherapy.  In my free time I enjoy walking, hiking, hanging out with friends, and am always learning new things.



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