Welcome to tools for creating change.  I will be sharing a variety of tools that may contribute to change for you.  Everyone is a bit different of what works, or what gets them to the next step.  I invite you to play with them, the operative word being play.  Very often what did not work for me pointed me in a direction of what has worked for me.  Or gave me a foundation to work with new things that showed up later in my life.  I have learned these tools from a variety of places over my life time and I will note where they came from.  Some I have taken parts from other programs, the parts that worked for me, so I may note where it came from but you may find a very different presentation when you follow up on them.

I tend to be pretty practical and have found that experiencing something is where I really learn from things.  My interest is for you to return to knowing yourself.  As you did when you were a kid before your bought other people’s expectations and definitions of you.  We each bring a unique gift to this world and very often we have lost touch with what that is or what that even means.  It is not a concept it is being.  No effort involved. It may feel much like being home, a joyful ease.

What if you created your life from being instead of doing?  I believe this is where we are returning to.  Where just being the energy we are totally points us to easy action.  Have you ever watched little kids?  They are very busy people and very curious about the world and always creating something.  They are full of joy and just flow from thing to thing.  Even if things don’t go well they just learn from it and move on.  What if we could return to creating from that kind of ease?

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Thank you for joining me.

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