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Who am I?

It is always interesting for me when people ask me who I am or what I do.  My mind goes blank.  I have no words to reply to those questions.  I use to think it was because I did not know myself.   As I continued on my journey for more Self awareness I discovered why my mind would go blank (or so it appeared).  It did not go blank I was just aware of the infiniteness of my being.

What people are asking of me is a definition, so they have a reference point, often so they can judge what is right or wrong about me, do I fit into their definitions of their reality or not, will they accept me or reject me.  I experience a contraction of my awareness and in my muscles when I attempt to define myself.  The definition they are asking for is not me.  I have done many things, played many roles, had many experiences, but they do not define who I am.

People are not really asking what experiences I have had in my life, what awareness I have from my experiences, what skills or tools do I have that could contribute to them.  When I am asked who I am I have a thousand experiences run through my mind but none of them define me.  Now when I am asked this question I often giggle and just comment on how I could never answer that question.

So, what experiences have I had?  What awareness do I have from those experiences?  How can all of that contribute to you changing what does not work for you?  Here are some that come to mind as I am writing this.

I was traditionally trained as a mental health professional finishing my undergraduate work in 1977.  After working in a juvenile justice program, a crisis center and on some locked psychiatric units I finished my graduate work in 1982.  About 10 years into my career I was noticing that people talking about their problems, having insight into what was causing them, having a concept for things, explaining things did not change things.  Very bright and creative people who were really motivated had to force themselves to act differently.  It was an enormous amount of effort, exhausting and never felt authentically them.  So I started asking what else is available that could assist people in changing things easily?  This question has led me to a myriad of classes, programs, studies, activities and experiences that have contributed to changing things in my life and the lives of my clients pretty dramatically.

Here is a list of things that have influenced how I facilitate change.  EMDR, body centered psychotherapies: Bodynamics & The Hakomi Method, Native American traditions, Buddhism, esoteric Christianity, ancient mysteries, Network Chiropractics, Conscious LanguageTM, TAT, Access ConsciousnessTM, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Tachyon, Vertical Reality.  There are a myriad more but this is what comes to mind as I am writing this.  The courses I have taken from and Facilitated as an Access ConsciousnessTM Licensed Facilitator from 2010-2013 gave me the quantum leap I had been asking for clearing out what I had defined myself by that was not me and what I limited myself by to fit into how things are suppose to be done.  It has been quite a journey clearing out what is not me and another kind of journey learning how to be and operate from the expansiveness I be.  That is where some of my experiential activities have served me well.  Comparing the “felt sense” (physically, emotionally, cognitively and energetically) between what is me and what is not.

What do I do?  I provide classes and individual sessions to facilitate change in any area of your life that is not working for you.  I use experiential activities where you can learn what is true for you and what is not.  Where you can learn where you choose for you and where you choose against you.  Where you can learn the difference between choosing from mental calculation vs truth.  Where you can learn what is yours and what you are taking on from others that is not true for you.  Where you can learn how your language is an indicator of where you are living authentically and where you are limiting yourself.  Where you can learn how words show you what you are creating in your life.  Where you can learn the difference between you and You.

I use a variety of clearing tools for clearing limitations, clearing the mud off the windshield so you can see/feel You more clearly.  And, in the process of using the clearings you can learn to use them on your own.

I use experiential activities to facilitate you being aligned with You.  To have the “felt sense” of being in the flow of You.  To discover where you cut that flow off and how to realign.  I use these activities in class and in sessions and teach them to you so you can use them on your own.

My experience in the mental health field has created the capacity to perceive the core of what limits people from being who they truly be.  My training in Conscious Language has been has given me the unique ability to hear where you limit yourself as you speak.  My experience in Access Consciousness has expanded my awareness of how we create limitation in our lives.  My somatic training has provided me with the ability to create activities where you can learn from you, about you.  My focus has been to put tools in your hands so you can create change for yourself.  Fostering dependency on me does not get you free.  The more you are willing to learn and take ownership of using the tools to change things for yourself the more quickly you will see results!  My job is to empower you to step into You.

It is really fun for me to facilitate change for people and put tools in their hands so they can continue to change things in their living.   Classes are one of the most potent ways to receive change.  I am always astounded at the amount of change people receive in classes.  Why?  When someone brings up an issue, a stuck place for themselves, a question there are other people in the room with the same thing.  So you asking for change, or how to use tools to get change about a particular issue allows everyone else in the room with the same issue to get free too.  And, it often leads to others with the same issue asking even more questions or presenting even more angles of the issue that keep them stuck, allowing everyone to get even more freedom! It is very dynamic and synergistic!

To contact me for a session or to find about upcoming classes visit my website at www.transformativespirit.com.  If you would like to take a class and do not see one posted contact me and we can see what we can create.  I do both live and video conferencing classes and sessions.  I look forward to playing with you and creating more change!

Debra Littrell

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