For Mental Health Professionals

Are you interested in Living AuthenticallyTM?  Do you know the difference between who the Authentic You and the ego/personality/false self you?  This blog gives you some tools and examples of how to tell the difference and who to move more towards Authentic You.


Click here to visit Living AuthenticallyTM.  I post when something really grabs my attention to share.  Sometime it is awhile and other times I share more frequently.  You can check the blog periodically or sign up for email notification.


A New Blog for Mental Health Professionals coming soon.  The focus of this blog will be on facilitating clients to Live Authentically.  We will look at the how the profession can easily loose its way and create more suffering and limitation.


There will also be postings related to EMDR and anything else I find interesting to share.


Check back for the launch of this blog.  Or sign up on my email list.



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