Tachyon Treatments & Products

Tachyon products and treatments were developed by David Wagner.  I completed his Holistic Wellness Course and have already been amazed at some pretty profound results in a very short period of time.


These treatments can address both physical and emotional changes.  When treating the physical we can also clear the beliefs and emotions also involved in the physical issue.  They can be as simple as laying down and receiving Tachyon energy to mapping specific symptoms in the body an applying Tachyon.


For a general description of how Tachyon works click on any of the images to visit their site.  For a library of articles from Advanced Tachyon Technologies click here.


Treatments can be followed up by using external products or internal products in between sessions to continue delivering Tachyon to affected areas until the body has completed its healing process.


I have seen people get over colds in as little as 20 minutes.  Intractable depression change in 20 minutes, emotional overwhelm lift in just a few seconds.  After I had my first Tachyon treatment I was able to go for a pain free walk after having chronic plantar fasciitis for 12 years.


I can do phone consultations to recommend products.

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You can click on any of the images to visit the Advanced Tachyon Technologies Website.  There is a library with numerous articles.



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