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Somatic & Energetic Resourcing TM is a body centered and energetic way of working with clients, to assess and build or repair basic developmental capacities we are suppose to have developed in early childhood.  Without these basic resources any form of psychotherapy can be cumbersome, and other than effective.  Our core sense of self is developed in our formative years, along with a sense of safety, security, and having a right to exist.  Essentially our formative years equate to building the foundation of a house.  When the foundation is unstable or not there, eventually the house will fall.  Physical, emotional, cognitive and psychological symptoms will arise.  If we are missing a basic sense of safety and security our ability to be successful in psychotherapy is compromised, both client and clinician.


These activities may not "make sense" to you or your client.  They do not follow a linear perspective.  1 + 1 may not = 2.  1 + 1 may = 4,000.  Spontaneous changes may occur in ways you will never expect.  With Ease.  Trying to "make sense" of them may only make your crazier.

  • What is the Energetic Resourcing part?

    Many people are energetically aware and have cut off their awareness to fit in.  So many symptoms show up.  This is our body's way of communicating with us that we are choosing against ourselves.  This course will introduce some beginning tools both you and your client can use to begin trusting your awareness, strengthening your ability to trust your Selves.  Allowing you to choose based on what is True for you.  This sets the stage for more powerful experiential tools in Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 2.

  • Assessing & Treatment Planning

    Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM is used as an initial phase of treatment.  These tools can be revisited or incorporated in later phases of treatment to strengthen internal resources.  Why use them for assessment and treatment planning?  Starting treatment with Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM gives you a way to clearly assess:

         * Can your client identify their own experience and report to you accurately?

         * Does your client experience safety and trust with you?

         * Is your client aware of what is true for them?

         * Can your client stay present and connected with their physical & emotional reactions?

         * Can your client contain strong emotions?

         * Does your client speak up & let you know what is not working for them or that they are overwhelmed?


    You can Use Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM activities to:

         * Assess your clients current level of resource.

         * Build an accurate treatment plan.

         * Learn each others communication style.

         * Build trust and develop your relationship.

  • Different from Other Programs

    Please note:  These somatic Self Awareness and Centering  activities are different from other forms you may have encountered.  Many programs teach imagination techniques which often produce inaccurate information.  Each of these somatic and activities are related to specific muscular activation at different ages.  We learn Self awareness and Centering differently at different ages.  If there has been interference or trauma at any stage these basic resources may be missing.

  • A Different Perspective

    From my perspective (from over 38 years of experience) most mental disorders are our innate wisdom’s way of getting our attention and telling us we are off the mark.  Off course from who we really are.  These symptoms start small and continue to magnify when we ignore them.  Just missing the basic resource of Self awareness will contribute to an increase of symptoms.  Our society’s structure of ignoring or medicating symptoms add to problems and cause further symptoms.  We medicate headaches, stomach aches and fatigue instead of listening to ourselves and making life sustaining and enhancing changes.

  • Successful use of Somatic & Energetic Resourcing

    To be a successful practitioner of Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM you must also have these resources.  This is true for being a successful practitioner of psychotherapy.  If you cannot stay connected to yourSelf, Centered or aware of your perceptive capacities, your client will have difficulty as well.  (See more information under Entrainment in the My Perspective Section.)

Somatic  & Energetic ResourcingTM 1

Somatic & Energetic Basics

Tools & Activities for Change


Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 1 sets a foundation for competent administration of somatic & energetic activities.


You will learn:


* How to conceptualize building internal core resources


* How to use somatic & energetic  activities as an assessment tool.


* How to use Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM for initial assessment, to build a treatment plan, and as  treatment modality.


* About entrainment and the importance of a clinician having somatic resources themselves so their client can be successful.  You       will go through your own assessment and development of each of these resources.


* How to work from Self awareness yourself.  And how to teach your clients to live in a Self aware state all of the time.


* How to perceive truth & how to teach your clients to do the same.


* How to stay out of your client’s way, how to work within their pace, how to work within their timing, how to use neutral language when administering each activity.


* The overall structure of Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM , how to prescribe activities, setting up homework and staying consistent.


* How to use Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM to identify life issues and targets for EMDR, and other trauma treatment modalities.


* Specific Resouring activities:  Self Awareness, Perceiving Truth, Containment, Connection, Centering, etc.


* How these activities can flush out subtle levels of dissociation often not picked up by the DES.


* Learn how these activities will assess appropriateness and readiness for EMDR, and other trauma treatment modalities, and how * * Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM can prepare your client for these modalities.


* Learn how to reinforce/install somatic resources using a variety of installation models.


Consultation in Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM is strongly recommended after completion of Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 1.  Ten hours is recommended before attending Somatic ResourcingTM 2.

Somatic  & Energetic ResourcingTM 2

Expanding Beyond Boundaries

More Activities for Change


Now that your client has the somatic and energetic awareness from the activities in Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 1, they should now be more aware of what is True for them, what works for them.  In this course we will address the issue of "boundaries".  We will look at "boundaries" and how they actually limit your client's awareness capacity.  And, this limitation actually makes them more vulnerable to attack.  By completing the activities in Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 1 they will have more awareness of what is True for the them, even if they are not yet able to act on it.  These new activities can facilitate them in taking the next step with their new found Self awareness.


These activities replaces the old boundary work and allows your client to use their "felt sense" awareness to inform them of what is going on around them so they more choice.  We will be using somatic and experiential activities to build more core stability, without efforting.  Many are based on developmental activities we should all have growing up.  Just doing the activities creates change, without efforting.


Each time you revisit an activity with your client you will find them more resourced.  The self awareness, relationship building, containment, connection, pacing, timing from Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 1 are required before taking on these activities.  This is delicate work and if the previous work is not done first a client could become re-traumatized.


Your client will have to have completed Self awareness, Self connection and Centering before taking on expanding beyond boundaries.  If a client cannot be aware enough to report subtle details, then these activities can be overwhelming.  A client will not be able to get accurate information if they are not connected to self and centered before taking on profound life changing work.  This is why all the activities in Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 1 have to be completed first.


We will:

* Review your application of Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM from the first class.

* Explore what worked and what appeared to fail.  And, discover why it was not a failure.

* Learn numerous somatic and experiential activities to facilitate your client in learning how to use their new found awareness to go beyond self limitation and feel more secure in the world.


Consultation in Somatic & Energetic Resourcing is strongly recommended after completion of Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 2.  Ten hours is recommended before attending Somatic ResourcingTM 3.

Somatic  & Energetic ResourcingTM 3

Strengthening You Skills


Somatic ResourcingTM 3 is done in a consultation format, so there are no continuing education credits available.  We will review how things have gone for you implementing the material into your practice and cover any questions you have about places that "did not seem to work".  From the cases we discuss new resourcing activities will be added.


Somatic & Energetic ResourcingTM 3 explores:

* How you have progressed in applying Somatic & Energetic ResourcesTM in your practice.

* How you have progressed in your own somatic resourcing.

* Provides time in class for some example cases.

* New activities will be presented according to questions asked and case examples discussed.

I highly recommend you schedule consultation after taking these courses.  There are many very subtle nuances to this work.  Consultation can assist you in expanding your own resources, look at how you are entraining with your clients (and how to use this information for treatment), and correct any mistakes in how you may be applying the activities.  This also gives you the opportunity to receive help with identifying what does not appear to work and how to adjust the work accordingly.


To schedule consultation time you can visit the Consultation section.



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